What's New at Gigantik
The next release of the Gigantik platform is here! Version 2.1 comes with a revamped dashboard design and new features that improve the overall experience for Gigantik customers.
Deliver More Value to Customers Through Web3: Gigantik 2.0
Gigantik enables deeper customer relationships for both brands and customers through the use of web3 technology. The Gigantik 2.0 release delivers on this promise and takes this vision even further. 
What's In My Wallet: Part 2
Welcome to "What's in My Wallet," a blog series aimed at educating brand and loyalty marketers about the power of crypto wallet data...
Why Brands Should Think In 3D
From virtual furnishing to augmented reality try-on, interacting with 3D assets are quickly becoming a common part of the consumer experience...