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From strategy to technology development, Gigantik partners with brands for onchain solutions that transform business.
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Build with Gigantik

Gigantik’s blend of web3 experience and technical capabilities is unique. We understand what works and how to get it done. We’re passionate about the technology in its ability to transform and elevate how brands improve how they do business.

We build to go far beyond a drop - guiding teams to leverage web3 technology to create meaningful, exciting engagements that deliver value back to the brand and their audiences.

Innovative work with innovative teams.

Gigantik has worked closely with leading established brands and forward thinking early-stage ventures across industries to build innovative products and campaigns through Web3 technology.

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What it's like working with Gigantik

With Gigantik, we've been able to leverage Web3.0 technology to redefine collegiate sports fandom while compensating the athletes at the core of it.

Keith Marshall
CEO, The Players' Lounge

Gigantik gives our team an entirely new way to reward and incentivize race fans to interact on and off the track through RaceDay.

Mike Burch
COO, Speedway Motorsports

Gigantik worked with us every step of the way to ensure a seamless delivery of individualized art to one of our client’s top influencers. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Alyssa Echols
Group Production Director, ADVOC8
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Grow & activate communities

Don't rely on email alone to engage your customers. Gigantik works with brands to activate and grow communities with innovative technology.
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Identify new revenue channels

Gigantik opens up new opportunities for monetizing communities that bring value back to the brand and its customers.
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Incubate new ideas quickly

With a proven track record of success, along with technology solutions that have already been well tested, we can launch new, innovative solutions and get results fast.
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Keep it simple

Web3 shouldn't be confusing. We prioritize uncompromising simplicity at every stage, ensuring a great experience for both our customers and theirs.
Use Cases

In the next decade, all brands will embrace web3 as part of its business strategy.

Go to market with a partner you can trust.

Digital Product Twins

Physical and digital experiences converge when linking real world assets with a unique token on the blockchain and allowing for an improved customer experence and immersive storytelling.
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Token Gated Experiences

Exclusive experiences customers unlock with digital tokens. Owning the right token grants access to special content, events, discounts, or online communities. It's a way for brands to reward their supporters with unique benefits and build stronger connections.
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Event Management

Digital tokens tied to an event create a unique opportunity to tell the brand story in an interactive and engaging way and further the relationship with the customer.
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Connect with best customers

Brand loyalty goes way beyond a transactional, stale points model. Through onchain rewards and benefits, the value exchange  becomes a two-way street, which ultimately builds better customer relationships.
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Customer Acquisition

Develop campaigns that go beyond just asking for an email address. Engage customers in a way that connects them to the brand right from the start.

Gigantik provides an enterprise-ready, scalable and tested Web3 platform.

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We work with innovative leaders who want to build and launch new products and campaigns with Web3 technology.

Our team is ready to address any questions you may have regarding Gigantik, the platform capabilities, pricing, or if you would like a demo.

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