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Simple pricing to meet your needs. Try the Pro plan free for 30 days. No Credit card required.

For smaller teams and projects. Experiment and try new campaigns or projects.
10% fee on sales
One User
Up to 5 Active Listings
Max quantity of 100 per listing
Free Giveaways
Customizable site editor (logos, hero image, colors, fonts) plus landing page content creator
Branded Digital Wallet
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For larger projects plus added utility and engagement to activate communities.
7% fee on sales
One User
Up to 100 Active Listings
Max quantity of 5000 per listing
Utility features: Collection Challenges, Rewards, Event Passes (Apple & Android Wallet Pass Integration), Snapshots, Airdrops
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For at scale organizations with large database, higher support needs and custom integrations.
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Unlimited Users
Unlimited Active Listings
Unlimited quantity per listing
Branded secondary marketplace for trading
Dedicated onboarding and setup + Priority Support
Packs and Randomization
Added Utility: Token Gating & SMS Redemptions
Advanced Customization: APIs, Custom Pages, Integrated Log-in Credentials, Code Injection
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