Advanced Features with Gigantik Enterprise

Features designed to scale

With Gigantik Enterprise, you get advanced features that are specifically designed for large or growing organizations.
Unlimited active listings with unlimited quantity
Dedicated onboarding and priority support
Advanced distribution mechanics: Packs and Randomization
Added utility: Token Gating and SMS Redemptions
Branded secondary marketplace for trading
Custom Integrations: Login, custom domain and customized pages
API Keys for deeper integration with existing sites and apps
Reduced fees on sales
Brands that have built on Gigantik

Build with Gigantik

Gigantik’s blend of web3 experience and technical capabilities is unique. We understand what works and how to get it done. We’re passionate about the technology in its ability to transform and elevate how brands improve how they do business.

We build to go far beyond a drop - guiding teams to leverage web3 technology to create meaningful, exciting engagements that deliver value back to the brand and their audiences.

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