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Move Beyond Preorders:
Product Launches

Gigantik leverages Web3 technology to create exclusive digital-first product launches that drive excitement, predict demand, and foster a loyal community.
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Unlocking the potential: How it works

The end-to-end experience, from the digital world to the physical, transforms a simple preorder-and-wait experience into a compelling journey. 


Own the Digital Item, Secure the Product. Offer limited-edition collections where owning the digital item secures the physical product, driving pre-launch hype and exclusivity.


Facilitate community building among digital item owners through exclusive content, dedicated forums, live events and other perks.

Customers can resell preordered digital items on your own brand’s secondary marketplace


Everyone still holding on to the digital version at a predetermined date receives the physical.

Digital Items from previous drops can provide utility and experiences for future drops (like first access).

Benefits of Digital-First
Product Launches

Pre-Launch Hype and Exclusivity

Generate buzz for upcoming launches before production begins.

Accurate Demand Forecasting

Get a clear picture of customer interest and tailor production accordingly.

Reward Early Adopters

Foster a community of excited fans through perks, benefits and experiences linked to owning the digital product.

Storytelling & Provenance

Embed the brand story and product origin information within the design and metadata. This creates a deeper connection with the customer and fosters brand loyalty.

Secondary Market Opportunities

Customers can resell their pre-ordered digital items on a marketplace you control, reducing any perceived risk for preordering by the customer and potentially lowering returns.

New Revenue Streams

Earn royalties on resales in your marketplace, offer exclusive merch to early supporters or create tiered premium versions of your digital product.


Gigantik provides an end-to-end, user-friendly platform for product launches, powered by Web3

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