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Digital Twins

Owning the digital Item unlocks the actual product. Offer limited-edition collections where owning the digital item secures the physical product, driving pre-launch hype and building a loyal early adopter community.

Event Commemoratives

Create a journey that lasts beyond the event with limited-edition digital collectibles that unlock exclusive content, behind-the-scenes experiences, or access to events for fans.

Gamified Fan Experiences

Develop digital collectibles like "skill cards" that allow fans to collect iconic moments, participate in collection challenges, and connect with athletes or influencers.

Ticketing & Events

Mobile wallet pass as dynamic event tickets that evolve with new content and provide access to exclusive pre- and post-event experiences within a dedicated online community. 


One-of-one auctions for digital art happen seamlessly. Engage your collectors with unlockable content and experiences tied to your art.

Digital Swag Bags

Design and distribute secure, interactive digital swag bags with pre-launch information, exclusive discounts, or downloadable content.


Tailor your digital space to perfectly reflect your brand.

With Gigantik, you get the tools to seamlessly onboard and build lasting connections with your community.

Create a Home

No website? No problem. You get your own site for your own brand.
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Customize Your Site

Customize layouts, branding elements, and access controls to create a unique online experience.
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Grow Your Community

Everyone who collects gets a digital wallet customized to store your creations. And, they are your customers. Gigantik will never market to them.
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Get Paid

Stripe Connect is built-in, so money from each sale goes directly to your bank account

Supercharge your digital creations

Gigantik offers a wide range of features to bring community activation to life. Discover them all and unlock endless possibilities.


Answers to the most commonly asked questions.
What do you mean by making digital creations unique?
The possible use cases along with your creativity is nearly limitless when it comes to digital work. Gigantik gives you the ability to authenticate that work by storing it on the blockchain. This means that instances of your work - be it a ticket, art, a digital collectible or something else - can be verified and transferred to a new owner. This also means that you can verify who that owner is and provide them benefits based on collecting.
Is there a free trial available?
Yes, you can try Gigantik Pro for free for 30 days. If after 30 days, you do not wish to subscribe to the monthly Pro plan, you will be moved to the Free version.
Can I change my plan later?
Of course.
Who is Gigantik?
Gigantik was started in 2017. Since then we've worked mainly with large enterprises and forward thinking ventures to launch innovative products and campaigns leveraging Web3 technology. This has included a range of clients like YouTube, Speedway Motorsports, Dapper Labs, and others.
How do I use the platform?
All of our documentation can be found here. We'll be posting tutorials and guides in the near future.
I have more questions. Who do I ask?
We want to hear from you! You can submit a ticket here.

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If you're a larger Enterprise looking for more custom requirements, we're here to support you.

Also - check out our FAQs for common questions.

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