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Gigantik provides a full suite of features and capabilities that allow sports marketers to drive growth and create a robust foundation for targeted fan engagement.

Verified Account Onboarding

Generated when customers claim their first digital commemorative. Every verified account comes with GDPR and CCPA compliant first party data.
Monthly average redemptions

Marketing asset creation and distribution

Simple interface to upload media files, choose how to distribute, and convert your media into a digital giveaway.
Coca Cola 600 Digital Ticket
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Ignite healthy competition among fans. It's more than a list of names; it's a stage for showcasing achievements and building a thriving, competitive community.
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Challenges & Rewards

Launch engaging fan challenges to collect over a period of time to unlock rewards and benefits.
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Fan Segmentation

Develop targeted lists of fans based on how they have engaged with the team.

Apple/Google Wallet Pass Integration

Grant fans exclusive access to real-life events and unique experiences by collecting your tokens. Seamlessly integrate passes into their Apple or Google wallets, and leverage Gigantik's pass verification capabilities. Easily scan passes using any web-enabled device, with no need for additional apps, equipment, or complex integrations.
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Digital giveaways can instantly be turned into fun sweepstakes. Drive fan engagement and data acquisition as you offer captivating prizes, all while elevating your brand's visibility.
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Develop a new revenue stream by selling more rare, limited edition collectibles that can be linked to real-life rewards and benefits.


Get real-time snapshots based on ownership of any or all of your brand's digital assets. Make smarter decisions through a built-in analytics dashboard that allows you to explore users and transaction history.
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Link data between Gigantik and your existing marketing and CRM platforms to deliver consistent and holistic fan experience. Deliver a completely custom experience through our APIs.

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