June 23, 2023
Platform Updates

What's New at Gigantik

We're excited to bring you these updates, taking the Gigantik Platform to the next level. This latest blog includes feature updates from two releases (2.2 & 2.3).

What's New at Gigantik

We're thrilled to unveil the latest release of the Gigantik Platform, packed with game-changing features that will elevate your experience to new heights. Let's dive into what's new:

CMS Updates:

Multi-factor Authentication:

Enjoy enhanced security with the ability to scan a QR code and securely sign in using your favorite authenticator app.

User Management:

Take control of your team's access and roles directly within the CMS. We've conveniently relocated user management to Settings on the side menu.

API Keys:

Seamlessly generate and manage Gigantik API access keys. You can now create up to 5 keys per user account, providing greater flexibility and control.

Additional Orders Columns:

To facilitate auditing and troubleshooting, we've added new columns to the Orders export feature. Gain deeper insights with the inclusion of the Flow/Polygon purchase transaction ID, order ID, filled pack ID, and pack contents.

Minting Retry Improvements:

We've made significant improvements to the minting retry logic. Now, the minting process will complete before encountering errors, ensuring a smoother experience. If any minting fails, the CMS user will be promptly notified with an error status.

‍Marketplace Updates:

Email Notification to Claim Reward:

We've enhanced the collector experience by introducing email notifications for rewards. After purchase or redemption, collectors will receive an email guiding them on how to claim their rewards.

Custom Homepage:

Unleash your creativity and fully customize your platform's home page. Simply copy and paste externally generated page code into the CMS under Marketplace > Custom Home Page.

Dapper Purchase Flow Improvements:

To ensure a seamless purchasing experience for Dapper wallet users, we've implemented warning messages for users. These messages will remind users not to close the order processing window after completing a Dapper payment. Additionally, a standard browser warning message will appear if users attempt to close the tab before the order processing is complete, ensuring a smooth transaction flow.

To learn more about these new features and explore the possibilities, please reach out to support@gigantik.io.


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