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Digitizing the Fan Experience

Gigantik is purpose-built for sports marketers to fuel database growth, cultivate insights, and ignite fan activations through a simple to use platform.

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A results-driven platform for fan engagement

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Drive Database Growth

Build a highly motivated fan base that grows beyond one-time, fleeting touch points.

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Grow Fan Insights

Enhance your insights into fan engagement. With each interaction, you gain valuable data for refining your engagement strategies, leading to more informed decisions

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Activate Fan Behavior

Through gamified experiences and dynamic rewards and benefits, activate fans to hit both short- and long-term objectives for the organization.

Fan engagement reimagined

Activate audiences and build team loyalty through our customizable, all-in-one fan engagement platform.

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Digital Souvenirs

Gather valuable first-party data and accurate attribution through the distribution of digital giveaways and souvenirs - unique tokens that capture memorable moments, achievements, and milestones related to a fan's engagement with a team. These modern mementos transcend traditional boundaries, nurturing continual fan engagement well after the game.

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Benefits and Rewards

Harness the power of Gigantik to activate your audience dynamically and in real-time through our versatile Campaigns feature to monetize fan base. Effortlessly facilitate cross-promotions and partnerships with sponsors and affiliates, expanding your brand's reach and bringing more value to your fans.

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Ignite excitement, drive behavior, and deepen the bond with fans through interactive challenges and gamified quests. These challenges can be fun, but more importantly these interactions provide valuable fan insights to sports marketing teams.

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Grant fans exclusive access to real-life events and unique experiences by collecting your tokens. Seamlessly integrate passes into their Apple or Google wallets, and leverage Gigantik's pass verification capabilities. Easily scan passes using any web-enabled device, with no need for additional apps, equipment, or complex integrations.

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Why Gigantik

We stand out from traditional fan engagement platforms.

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Effective and innovative approach to database growth

Launch an efficient and forward-thinking strategy for expanding your fan database. Our innovative approach harnesses cutting-edge technology to drive growth, providing you with a robust foundation for targeted engagement

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We prioritize uncompromising simplicity at every stage, ensuring a great experience for both our customers and their fans. Streamlined processes and intuitive interactions are our foundation, delivering unparalleled ease of use and efficiency.

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White-labeled experience

This is your team and your experience. From the look and feel to logins, we’re focused on making the experience authentic to your brand.

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Scalable and Cost-Effective

Achieve full-featured marketing campaigns while maintaining cost control. Effortlessly launch marketing experiences that seamlessly adapt to any web-enabled device, maximizing reach and impact.

What brands say about us

The Players Lounge Logo

With Gigantik, we've been able to leverage Web3.0 technology to redefine collegiate sports fandom while compensating the athletes at the core of it.

Keith Marshall
CEO, The Players' Lounge
Speedway Motorsports Logo

Gigantik gives our team an entirely new way to reward and incentivize race fans to interact on and off the track through RaceDay.

Mike Burch
COO, Speedway Motorsports
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Gigantik worked with us every step of the way to ensure a seamless delivery of individualized art to one of our client’s top influencers. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Alyssa Echols
Group Production Director, ADVOC8

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