Breakthrough stale customer marketing strategies with web3 and Gigantik.

Activate audiences and build brand loyalty through our all-in-one engagement platform.

Mint & Distribute

Simple to use features built to help you share your NFTs with the world.


Provide a seamless end-user onboarding with wallet integrations and credit card purchases.


Provide a seamless end-user onboarding with wallet integrations and credit card purchases.


Upload content, choose a listing type, and convert your media into a digital asset recorded on the blockchain.

Limited Edition

Sell a limited number of NFTs.

Open Edition

NFTs without predefined edition numbers for minting on demand.


Create a free, redeemable NFT.


Sell a single NFT via an auction.


Let your fans rip open packs and discover what’s inside.


Assign unlimited metadata fields to your NFTs to create rarity in your collections

Activate & engage

Build a better digital collectible experience, bringing utility that provides collectors with access to exclusive privileges, rewards, and rights.


Get real-time collector snapshots based on ownership of any or all of your brand’s NFTs


Send NFTs directly to your fan’s wallet with just a few clicks.

Gated Access Campaigns

Give collectors exclusive access to NFT drops or special promotions, including discounts or early access windows. Go IRL and unlock token benefits with live events or point of sale integrations.

Challenges & Collector Scores

Launch challenges to motivate collectors with opportunities to earn exclusive rewards.

Measure & Learn

Analytics Dashboard

Make smarter decisions through a built-in analytics dashboard that allows you to explore users, sales numbers, transaction history as well as other key marketplace metrics.

Use Cases



YouTube, through its agency Advoc8, sent its top 2500 creators an Infinite Object plus NFT as a year-end thank you through the reserved redemption service built within Gigantik.

Gigantik worked with us every step of the way to ensure a seamless delivery of individualized NFTs to one of our client’s top influencers. We couldn’t have done it without them.
Alyssa Echols
Group Production Director, ADVOC8


The Players’ Lounge

A web3 + NIL community offering fans a reimagined experience through player empowerment and engagement Launched with former University of Georgia football players.

Sold out drop resulted in $900k in total sales. Signed 9 D1 schools and over 100 players to NIL deals.

With Gigantik, we've been able to leverage Web3.0 technology to redefine collegiate sports fandom while compensating the athletes at the core of it.
Keith Marshall
CEO, The Players' Lounge


Raceday NFT

The first NFT marketplace for motorsports collectibles launched in partnership with Speedway Motorsports.

Includes live-event giveaways at NASCAR races at SMI’s 13 tracks.

Gigantik gives our team an entirely new way to reward and incentivize race fans to interact on and off the track through RaceDay NFT.
Mike Burch
COO, Speedway Motorsports