What's New At Gigantik
In the latest release we’ve continued expanding our platform capabilities to give partners more flexibility to activate and engage with their customers. We know brands want to deliver as much value to their customers as possible, so we’re building solutions to help you do just that.
What’s in My Wallet: Part 1
What if marketers could look at a customer’s credit card history and understand who they are by what they purchase, how they purchase, and why they purchase? What if they could do the same for their prospects and customers of their competitors?
Developing Engaging Artwork for Digital Collectibles
What type of imagery does your mind conjure when you consider NFTs? One-note, two-dimensional monkeys? Algorithmically generated rainbow squiggles devoid of human input, or maybe 8-bit Pepes in a vast, open sea of PFP projects without any significant differentiator between them?
From Points to Tokens: Moving Beyond Transactional Loyalty with Web3
Customer expectations are higher than ever and brands must go above and beyond to earn their loyalty and build long-term relationships. In this brief session, we review how the integration of web3 technology can take customer engagement to the next level...