Why Brands Should Think In 3D

From virtual furnishing to augmented reality try-on, interacting with 3D assets are quickly becoming a common part of the consumer experience. Simultaneously, the 'direct-to-avatar' market is booming across platforms and virtual worlds. In this panel, we'll discuss the ways that brands are approaching 3D and using NFTs as the vehicle to distribute assets and engage with consumers to drive brand loyalty.Join Gigantik as we speak with Britt Williams, Shayli Harrison and Michael Toner about their experiences and how they think about 3D assets in the scope of commerce.


Stu Richards (aka Meta Mike) leads Partner Success at GigLabs and has a passion for contributing to the education and enablement of the open metaverse. Gigantik is an end-to-end web3 engagement platform and marketplace provider built for enterprise brands. It empowers marketing teams to own the experience of creating, selling, and distributing NFTs while enabling them to generate repeatable customer loyalty campaigns and activations using built-in utility tools. Gigantik provides a seamless end-user experience and onboarding using credit card and wallet integrations.

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