What's New at Gigantik

The next release of the Gigantik platform is here! Version 2.1 comes with a revamped dashboard design and new features that improve the overall experience for Gigantik customers.

New Dashboard Design

The dashboard has an all new sleek design. We simplified the navigation by positioning NFT minting and engagement tools, as well as all your favorite utility features, conveniently into a sidebar menu. Reporting and analytics can also be easily accessed there for your convenience.

Gigantik Dashboard

Multi-org Support

Next, we added multi-org support for managing multiple brands or organizations from one parent CMS admin account login. Now you can structure the Gigantik platform similar to how you might operate your business by assigning administrators and role-based user accounts to control multiple brands launching many different Web3 projects concurrently.

Airdrop Enhancements

Our Airdrop feature also received some love. We added Quick Airdrop, which allows you to airdrop to a list of wallets without the need to create and upload a CSV. Also, you can now see the available token count for each listing when creating an airdrop. And to top it off, we added more detailed reporting. The airdrop report now shows the status of all attempted airdrops for a given airdrop job.

CMS Magic Link Login

We removed the username and password requirement from the CMS login. Gone are the days of having to remember your username and password. Simply enter your email address and receive a magic link to access the CMS dashboard.

Dapper Wallet Username Syncing

Last but not least, we introduced Dapper Username Syncing for Flow Blockchain NFT holders. If they are logging into Dapper Wallet on the Marketplace, any username changes will now be synced with their User Profile. It's a small but mighty feature that will make life easier and more personalized for users!

So there you have it - the latest and greatest from Gigantik. We hope you're as excited as we are about these new features.


Through technology solutions and strategic consulting, Gigantik helps brands create meaningful web3 engagements that deliver shared value between them and their customers.

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