What's New At Gigantik

In the latest release we’ve continued expanding our platform capabilities to give partners more flexibility to activate and engage with their customers. We know brands want to deliver as much value to their customers as possible, so we’re building solutions to help you do just that.

Gigantik Pass Service

We’re excited to offer a way for you to add next-level utility for your customers and fans. The Gigantik Pass service enables in-person NFT verification for real-life experiences. Launch experiences to activate your fans and attract new customers. Gigantik Pass allows fans to add virtual NFT tickets to their Apple or Google wallets that can be securely scanned by anyone anywhere.

HubSpot Integration

We continue to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 for our partners with our latest connection to HubSpot, a leading CRM and marketing platform. This connection allows brands to create new customer contacts or sync customer profiles with new web3 properties. Now, using HubSpot, you can segment and identify customers using web3 data and on-chain activity, which allows you to personalize your product and service offerings more precisely than ever before.

Provision your account in just a few steps using HubSpots’ free Private Apps feature to begin syncing these web3 properties:

  • Wallet address & email
  • Total Collector Score
  • Total NFTs Owned
  • Total Spend

There are a few provisioning steps in order to permit Gigantik to pass customer data to your HubSpot account. You can read more about those steps here: https://docs.gigantik.io/docs/hubspot. Please reach out to us at support@gigantik.io if you would like this assistance setting this up.

Dapper Wallet OpenID Integration

We now have a single Gigantik Profile login experience for users with Dapper Wallets. This is a welcomed improvement to the onboarding experience for existing Dapper Wallet users.

Updated Challenges Experience

Hosting challenges can encourage collecting and participation among NFT holders. It’s also a great way to promote new events or product launches. The updated challenges experience features an enhanced details page for showcasing challenge requirements. Customers can now easily see the challenge start and end times, track their progress, and know exactly which NFTs they’ll need to qualify. We’ve also added convenient links to other available NFT listings that are required to complete challenges right inside the details page.

Marketplace Website Improvements

New Responsive Layout

The new responsive layout delivers an improved viewing experience on mobile and desktop for site visitors as they explore your project’s home page. The Collections and Featured NFTs sections will now align intuitively depending on the screen size and device.

Video Player Controls

Now all video-based NFTs will have video player controls on the NFT details page. Customers can play, pause and adjust the sound on their favorite video sports moments, clips, animations and more for a better viewing experience.

Block Secondary Sales for Listings 

You can now block specific NFTs from being listed for sale on the secondary marketplace. Simply check the box in the Gigantik dashboard to turn this feature on and off.

Support for Multiple Banners

We’ve updated the website banners feature to allow you to create and save multiple website banners. Have multiple announcements and site maintenance banners loaded up and ready to go when you need them. Only one banner displays at a time.


Brandon Rowlett is a Product Marketing Manager at Gigantik.Through technology solutions and strategic consulting, Gigantik helps brands create meaningful web3 engagements that deliver shared value between them and their customers.

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