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When we announced the Gigantik brand for our platform last Summer, we doubled down on our belief that NFTs would play a major role in every brand’s customer engagement strategies in the future. Through technology solutions and strategic consulting, Gigantik helps brands create meaningful web3 engagements that deliver shared value between them and their customers.

In a word: Impact. Our curiosity and passion drive us to develop solutions that will have an impact for brands and their customers. We’re excited to say that our latest release - and near term roadmap - delivers on this fundamental idea.

Here’s what is new in our latest release:

User Profiles

  • Collectors can sign in simply with their email address and directly link their blockchain wallet
  • Brands that enable this optional feature can capture collector email addresses, meaning your fans will never miss out on a new campaign
  • Coming Soon: A Gigantik custodial wallet address that can be assigned to each user account. (see below)


  • For those brands that enable the user profiles, we now support in-app and email notifications! 
  • That means users will get notifications for things like airdrops and when their NFTs sell on the P2P marketplace. This helps keep them stay engaged and brings them back.

Public Collection Page

  • The “my collection” pages of the marketplace are now public, so collectors can share links to their collection (on social media, for example). 

Burning Service

  • We have added the capability to burn excess tokens held in reserves. 

Marketplace Optimizations

  • We upgraded the appearance of our marketplaces including improved listing cards, listing pages, pack opening sequences, as well as use of fonts, colors, styling and spacing throughout the marketplace. 
  • Marketplaces will now appear more polished and do a better job of highlighting your digital collectibles!

Beta: Gigantik Pass - Support Apple/Google Wallets

  • You can now issue passes for events or rewards using NFTs from your collection. Collectors can add the NFTs directly to the Apple and Google wallet as a pass for events, discounts, and memberships.
  • A Gigantik web application for scanning is also available for validation of the pass, which includes NFT ownership validation and event validation.
  • The new pass service is currently in beta with a few customers running events and ticketing for sporting events.
  • If you are interested in getting a demo of the new service available to all of our customers, please reach out to schedule a demo and discuss piloting the new service.
  • More to come on Gigantik Pass in a future post!

What’s coming in the first half of this year

This mega release laid the groundwork for how we will expand Gigantik, make it even simpler for brands to onboard their customers, and provide simple solutions for brands to activate their community.

Polygon Blockchain Support

  • Gigantik will be offering Polygon as a blockchain option to all customers at the start of Q2.

Gigantik Wallet

  • We are launching our own multi-blockchain Gigantik custodial NFT wallet at the start of Q2 as part of our Polygon launch.
  • The new wallet will enable Gigantik to build a more optimal end user experience abstracting most complexities associated with the blockchain for your customers

Improved Challenges Support

  • We are improving the challenges experience and views to ensure we keep moving forward with our engagement feature roadmap
  • This is critical - we provide not only the best minting platform as far as scale and capabilities, but we develop solutions that allow brands to use those NFTs to drive engagement and activate customers

Burn Challenges Support

  • Burning is simply a way to “delete” an NFT.  For your customers, doing so reduces supply from a particular NFT, increasing the rarity of the NFTs remaining in the series.
  • Considering the gamification of this, we will extend the burn service to the collectors in the form of challenges with automated rewards following the consumer burning the token.

We’re excited for what’s to come. The market for buying and flipping NFTs has largely deflated, as many of us expected it would. Yet leveraging NFTs to build lasting relationships with customers is still very early. We’re excited to continue building with our early platform partners and welcome new brands that are ready to innovate and scale with us.


Jon Parise is the cofounder and Chief Revenue Officer at Gigantik.Through technology solutions and strategic consulting, Gigantik helps brands create meaningful web3 engagements that deliver shared value between them and their customers.

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