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Gifting exclusive NFTs to your most loyal customers and fans can create a deeper connection to your brand and open the channel for future value exchange.
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What are NFTs?

An NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital collectible. The NFTs ownership is authenticated and verifiable by the blockchain, a technology used for things like cryptocurrency. That means while copies of videos, images and even animated gifs can multiply on the internet, there can be only one with a certificate of authenticity. Like other collectibles, you can buy, sell, and trade them.

Why do my customers want an NFT?

When your customer redeems their NFT, you’re immediately creating a new engagement channel with them. The reason customers value NFTs is that they enable a vast array of additional activations including exclusive access to events, promotions, and discounts that we discuss in depth below.


Standard NFT giftbox

Free Redemptions

Deploy an unrestricted free redemption NFT drop, allowing anyone to redeem a free NFT

Golden NFT giftbox

Limited Edition Collectible

Use your CRM data to provide exclusive redemption links to any of your customer segments via email

Custom NFT giftbox

Custom Solutions

Wanting to develop a custom strategy to engage your customers? Speak with the team at Gigantik to develop a bespoke solution.

How does it Work?



Notify your customers they have a gift waiting for them (for example, via email or social media)

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Direct them to a custom branded landing page to claim the NFT

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Activate customers holding your NFTs at any point in the future

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How Can you activate these customers?


Collect information from your customers upon checkout to use for cross-channel marketing purposes at a future date.

Exclusive Access

Create exclusive access for your token holders for future activations by providing discounts, early or exclusive access for future NFT drops and IRL events.


Understand who your top collectors are and reward them with additional tokens or IRL rewards.

partner campaigns


American Airlines

AA sent its most loyal customers year-end a thank you NFT. Access to the site was gated by Email Address + AAdvantage Number.

After providing this information, members were presented with easy to follow instructions for redeeming their free NFT.

American Airlines thumbnail



YouTube, through its agency Advoc8, sent its top 2,500 creators an Infinite Object plus NFT as a year-end thank you through the reserved redemption service built within Gigantik.

YouTube NFT thumbnail


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