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Digital giveaways go further than their physical counterparts

Giveaways are fun but leave a lot to be desired for a sports marketer.
Traditional Giveaways :
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Inability to capture first-party fan data of those who collect
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Limited scalability, reach and accessibility
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Lack of interactivity
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Cumbersome physical storage and distribution logistics
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Frustrated fans who miss out
digital giveaways :
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First-party data acquisition on everyone who collects
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Accurate attribution across multiple touch points
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Scalablity and cost-savings
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Gamified rewards, dynamic content, & interactive features
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Limitless and borderless reach
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Fan Engagement Reimagined

Transactional loyalty programs are a major disconnect with the passion and devotion fans have for their teams. Gigantik brings a transformative approach that turns this passion into an enduring, two-way relationship.

Quickly create digital giveaways that fans will love.

2D, 3D, video and more. Create with a simple interface to upload files and convert your media into a digital giveaway.
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Giving fans a digital giveaway is simple with Gigantik.

Select your preferred method for distributing giveaways. Our user-friendly onboarding process ensures seamless fan interactions while collecting GDPR and CCPA compliant first-party data with every digital giveaway claim.
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Leverage a new foundation for ongoing fan engagement

Fans begin building their collection from their team-branded profile page, where they can discover rewards, challenges and other ways to benefit from their collection. Richer fan profiles are created that allow for ongoing engagement and activation.
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Gigantik gives our team an entirely new way to reward and incentivize race fans to interact on and off the track through RaceDay.
Mike Burch
Chief Operating Officer
Speedway Motorsports

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